Best Crypto wallets

However, the main question is which wallet to use. After all, wallets store all our digital currency. Therefore, it is ideal to know the best cryptowallets of 2021.


It is s traditional hot wallet added as an add-on on your chosen browser. All that is needed to run Metamask is first to download the add-on and then to activate it. That makes Metamask a very convenient and easy to use crypto-wallet. Moreover, its usefulness can be enhanced when paired with something like a crypto tab.

Metamask has one last advantage over other wallets.  There is an option also to have a temporary cold wallet. That means it can work both online and offline. As it is a browser extension, it can receive any cryptocurrency order while offline and wait until it recovers internet connection to carry said order. Savvy traders can exploit this trait to avoid falling to fraudulent trades.


Trust wallet

Trust Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet for buying, trading, storing and tracking the prices of dozens of cryptocurrencies. However, it is not just any Wallet; it has features that make it much more interesting:

  • it has a very complete and intuitive interactive charting system.
  • It allows you to earn cryptocurrencies by the mere fact of keeping your cryptos with them.
  • You can exchange cryptocurrencies quickly and with the best rates in the market.
  • Trust wallet has a search engine for decentralized applications with which you can find the best DApps on the Internet without leaving Trust Wallet.



It considered one of the best cold wallets available in the market by many, and rightfully so. This wallet was created under the vision that online elements are easily corruptible and, therefore, easily stolen. That is why this physical wallet relies on proprietary hardware and software to allow users to set all orders offline before connecting to the internet.



The second top cold crypto-wallet on this list, Ledger, allows its users to hold more than 107 coins inside its Pendrive-like shape, which keeps them protected from hackers and onlookers.

The Ledger is ideal for small businesses or casual traders. That’s because of its remarkable ability to hold a plethora of crypto assets for long periods without the risk of the information being lost to low battery or external conditions. And while a Pendrive look will avoid prying eyes from finding the wallet,


Best Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

On the internet, there are many cryptocurrency exchange sites. The question is, which one is the best for you? The answer depends on what you want to do and which coins you are interested in buying or selling. If you are unsure about it, up next is a curated list of different DEX that covers all potential needs. Additionally, they all offer competitive fees that guarantee profits for would-be crypto traders.


Uniswap is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange sites, with its most traded currency being ETH. The platform uses a liquidity pool system, where each user places tokens to ensure liquidity for all transactions. Uniswap works by using smart contracts to guarantee safety and transparency.


1inch Network

It is the leading DEX aggregator. The platform uses liquidity from multiple sources, hence being an aggregator, to offer its customers the best experience possible. Moreover, it relies on smart contracts to enable trade optimization with one of the best UI on the market. is the go-to place for people looking to be day-traders.

Currently, the following networks are supported:



BNB Chain




Optimistic Ethereum




It is considered the current leader in cryptocurrency exchange, both for its low fees and multiple options. This platform stands out for its large number of tokens on BSC blockchain to exchange, as well as diverse pools for investment.
PancakeSwap offers investment and mining options through farms. Finally, the site uses algorithms to manage its pools, making it a remarkably efficient market maker.