Ocean Space and Adrenaline Crypto AMA

Ocean Space and Adrenaline Crypto AMA

Ocean Space and Adrenaline crypto ama


🗓 Monday, August 22nd 2022
⏱ 2:00PM EST | 6:00PM UTC


Host: GalacticBlaze

💰Prizes: $60 in BUSD to be given away 💰

What is Adrenaline Token (ADRT)

Adrenaline represents the core of decentralized investing. Holders of our token receive Ethereum income from multiple sources. Unlike most tokens where you must sell the native token, Adrenaline’s external revenue will drive Ethereum income for ADRT holders in perpetuity.

How Adrenaline Shots works?

Adrenaline shots are Ethereum Reflections. Hold a minimum of 1 Mil ADRT to be eligible to get your dose of Adrenaline Shots.

Every buy/sale is taxed , the correspondent amount of taxed ETH goes in the REFLECTIONS POOL
Once the pool fills up it starts distributing reflections to holders automatically, no need to claim or connect wallets to dashboards
The more ADRT you hold the more ethereum will land in your wallet

Holders will get higher and more frequent reflections when volumes are high.






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